Room Scheduling

The only platform that supports your changing needs

FortyTWO room scheduling makes it simple to locate and book the right meeting space with the right technology. Choose from our complete platform – touch screens, indicators, and occupancy sensors – and run the software you prefer. Only FortyTWO lets you decouple your scheduling hardware from your software, so you can easily change applications as your needs change.

Touch screens

Crestron has a range of touch screens to suit every application.

Mount Options

Optional kits enable you to securely mount Crestron touch screens.

Room availability indicators

Illuminated signage makes it easy to find meeting rooms.

PoE Occupancy Sensor

Communicates directly with touch screens to instantly update room status.

Directly connects

Built-in scheduling software directly connects to the most popular calendaring platforms from Microsoft, Google, Ad Astra, and CollegeNET so you can reserve rooms from your desk, on the app, or on the spot.

FortyTWO+ Financing

We’ve partnered with Quail Financial Solutions, who has decades of experience as the premier finance company for the entertainment and A/V industries.

100% Plus Financing

FortyTWO financing options can cover everything from installation to software, training, taxes, and more, so that your business can be up and running in a streamlined and simplified way.

Better Than Banks

Bank lending agreements often contain restrictive covenants, escalation clauses, “call anytime” provisions, compensating balance requirements, cross collateralization with other assets, and the filing of blanket liens; these provisions are not found in Quail lending or leasing agreements.