Public Wifi

Public Venue WiFi

FortyTWO has proudly supplied both temporary and permanent WiFi solutions to entertainment and hospitality venues since 2012.

We offer scalable, high-speed and high-performance solutions that meet your venue’s networking requirements. Our team of network engineers will design and deploy a custom, high-density wireless network as well as manage and monitor it for you.

We believe your venue is too important to risk WiFi network failure, which is why FortyTWO is the answer!

Interference and risk mitigation

All FortyTWO WiFi solutions are designed to eliminate interference from internal or external sources, as well as mitigate hacking risks. Your connection will always be safe and secure!

WiFi Captive Portal and Splash Page

For wireless guest access, captive portals are a great tool to guarantee secure browsing, guarantee guests agree to your terms and policies, and can provide valuable data.

Network monitoring and usage reports

Our team will monitor your network through a secure cloud service, and we can even provide usage reports to help you determine where to allocate your data for effective connectivity.

Event Space Solutions

  • We’ll install and manage a mind-blowing WiFi network.
  • We cover all the costs.
  • We charge market rates for group WiFi access during events.
  • You receive year-round complimentary WiFi access for your staff and earn a revenue share.

FortyTWO+ Financing

We’ve partnered with Quail Financial Solutions, who has decades of experience as the premier finance company for the entertainment and A/V industries.

100% Plus Financing

FortyTWO financing options can cover everything from installation to software, training, taxes, and more, so that your business can be up and running in a streamlined and simplified way.

Better Than Banks

Bank lending agreements often contain restrictive covenants, escalation clauses, “call anytime” provisions, compensating balance requirements, cross collateralization with other assets, and the filing of blanket liens; these provisions are not found in Quail lending or leasing agreements.