Commercial Lighting

Lighting Control, Made Easy

With FortyTWO, we focus on the specifics of your space when designing your professional lighting solution. Our custom installations are ideal for any space – especially restaurants, hospitality businesses, corporate offices, and banquet centers!

Above all, we simplify the installation and startup process. We’ll integrate your custom system with your existing HVAC systems and shading solutions, enabling you to create a “smart” space. Key features of our commercial lighting options are:

  • Easy integration
  • Optimal energy savings
  • Establish an ambient environment
  • Greater productivity and concentration

House Lighting

- Crisp overhead lighting
- Easily controlled via touch-screen
- Customizations available for any space

Architectural Lighting

- Complements aesthetic of the building
- Functional and ergonomic
- Efficient and optimally distributed

On-Camera Lighting

- Evenly lit to prevent shadows
- Provides sleek, professional look
- Controlled color temperature and intensity

Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Manipulation of artificial light as the primary circadian stimulus in buildings that meet the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) is a hot trend in architectural lighting. Crestron circadian lighting solutions ensure those lighting control systems perform to specification and are easy to use. Download this whitepaper to learn more about the effects and benefits of Circadian Rhythm lighting control, or download our one-sheet to read more about Crestron Circadian Lighting Control capabilities.

FortyTWO+ Financing

We’ve partnered with Quail Financial Solutions, who has decades of experience as the premier finance company for the entertainment and A/V industries.

100% Plus Financing

FortyTWO financing options can cover everything from installation to software, training, taxes, and more, so that your business can be up and running in a streamlined and simplified way.

Better Than Banks

Bank lending agreements often contain restrictive covenants, escalation clauses, “call anytime” provisions, compensating balance requirements, cross collateralization with other assets, and the filing of blanket liens; these provisions are not found in Quail lending or leasing agreements.